BILT Europe 2018
BILT Europe 2018

BILT Europe 2018

October 12, 2018

At BILT Europe 2018 held in Ljubljana in Slovenia I presented my

. This was the first time I had presented the project and

An Architect's Bookshelf - Using Dynamo to Optimize a Library

  • A very self-deprecating look at the key principles of computation and data sorting - the example the talk was centered on was very visual and made it so easy to understand the approaches taken and why.
  • The class was not what I expected..but it was amazing.. seeing someone go all the way at a topic. That doesn't seem important..but still by doing so you learn so many things that you can use in other aspects is amazing.. so yes do 'waist' your time sometimes because it could be the best time you have spent
  • Absolutely fantastic
  • Brilliant speaker, very interesting
  • The topic was very entertaining.
  • Nice practical story with a family that moved into the city with less space and too many books. Nice monty python situation. British humor super cool.
  • These are the handouts we want...step by step taking your hand explaining how you do you can learn this is sharing information
  • Well explained story, good indepth research. From book organisation to packaging manager

I was very pleased to feature in the top ten speakers from the conference

Presentation and handout


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